Mobile App Wars Heating Up.

Mobile apps are everywhere. Anytime you go out, observe the number of people with their faces glued to their smartphones. One would think talking on the phone would be more of what phones are used for.  But not today.

Today, mobile apps are quickly grabbing the attention of people from all walks of life.  There seems to be an app for everything.  Just the other day I hear a guy say he couldn’t find his flashlight in his house so he looked for a flashlight app.  Lo and behold he found one and was able to see in the dark.
Of course you can’t find everything in an app but there are sure lots of stuff you can find. Games, information, business tools, advertising, you name it, lots of stuff are found in apps.  The market is getting flooded with apps that are being developed by people from all ages. Kids are in the game. Young adults are in the game. Senior citizens are in the game.  Just about anybody who has an idea can create an app.

From the business side of things, there have been a host of individuals and companies coming up with ways to make money with apps. There are companies offering affiliates the opportunity to sell apps to brick and mortar businesses.  There are companies recruiting affiliates to recruit other affiliates to sell monthly subscriptions where the purchasers receive inspirational videos and written content weekly.

The latest type of mobile app to stand out is a free one that offers everything from games to communication tools. The spin here is it’s promising the app users who build nice networks a piece of the pie.  We’re talking getting paid to basically refer others to a mobile app like you refer a friend to Facebook or Twitter.

The model that online marketers are really benefiting from is an app that offers advertising and traffic.  After all, these two components is what online marketers are looking for everyday.  The mobile traffic app industry is slowly becoming an industry that is changing the way online marketers are positioning themselves. Advertising in a mobile app, on the mobile web and online simultaneously sheds a whole new light on exposure.  What is also attractive to online marketers is the ability to become an affiliate and earn up to 150% commission.  Simply referring their friends and associates affiliates receive 100% for initial sales plus and additional 50% recurring commission for app users who maintain advertising and traffic subscriptions.

We’re just scratching the surface when it comes to mobile apps. Nothing surprises me anymore. Just think about what the possibilities could be.  Then begin to think where you could fit in regarding mobile apps. The mobile app war is definitely heating up.

Stay tuned for more on the Mobile App Wars,

Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor