There I was the day after one of our best think tank moments, I was cruising down the freeway on my way home and guess what appears in my thoughts, Mobile Traffic App So when I came out of my daze, I searched the internet and started searching for I was astounded that it was waiting to be purchased, so I .

When I first heard of a mobile app for traffic, I thought it was a regular mobile app to to help me navigate the traffic while I was driving.

My second thought was, “could there be such a thing as a mobile traffic app that’s designed for mobile marketers to advertise their businesses and view the ads of other advertisers, like in traffic exchanges?” Answering myself, I immediately rebuked the thought. How in the world could a mobile traffic app come close to looking like a traffic exchange?

Being the innovator that I am, ideas pop in my head at the weirdest times. My partner Wayne Brooks and I have brainstorming sessions about everything under the sun that is mobile. That’s our world. We have created over 10 mobile income products, have a couple of mobile advertising platforms and have started the Mobile Income Builders Mastermind Group. So thinking mobile is on our minds all the time.

Now here I am with one more domain name for the mobile web. What am I supposed to do with this domain name of other marketers. Traffic is one of the key components to our online success. So my thoughts shifted towards the various ways getlots oftraffic. Then it hit me. Traffic Exchanges!

Traffic Exchanges have been around for lots of years. They are still around for a reason. Good old fashion advertisements and online marketers watching ads (the exchange part). Well, I got this crazy idea that mobile marketers would download my app and pay to advertise in my app because other paid advertisers would be willing to exchange views of their ads.

The cool thing is not only do I have a mobile traffic app, I have a mobile mobile banner exchange that is open to the public to look at ads. So the same ads that show up in my Mobile Traffic App, show up on my mobile advertising platform. In essence the paid advertisers get their ads viewed by other paid advertisers as well as folks who are just surfing on their Smartphones and their iPads.

This Mobile Traffic App concept starting to take on more substance. I began to think about the free ad surfers coming to mobile banner ad network and how I could keep their attention for at least 2- 5 minutes at a time and keep them coming back to Mobile Banner Exchange. Because this mostly an online marketing crowd, I came up with an idea of giving away free advertising, discounted advertising, other hot apps, music, inspirational videos, prizes and even cash.

A lot of these incentives even appeal to the paid advertisers in my Mobile Traffic App. One big incentive that the paying advertisers really like is being able to invite other business owners to promote their businesses and earn up to 100% commission when other mobile marketers pay for advertising.

So now, there are folks downloading my app to secure advertising. Those same mobile marketers are surfing in my Mobile Traffic App because it’s the expected behavior of every advertiser. Even if it’s only for a few minutes a day by each advertiser, ads are being seenwatched}. Then on top of that the ads of the advertisers are being watched on my mobile banner exchange by highly motivated free ad surfers.

All of this is happening in 2- 5 minute increments on mobile devices. But it’s happening all the time, 24 hours a day. Even the free ad surfers are becoming paid advertisers just to get the 100% commission when they invite their business buddies to get ads in my Mobile Traffic App.

This all sounds wonderful and great but believe me it’s hard work but it’s definitely worth it. People wonder how they can earn 100% commission. Well, it’s pretty simple. I make 100% commission being the owner of the mobile traffic app and the mobile banner exchange. Plus I right now, I make a great majority of the sales myself. My aim is to generate viral traffic and what better way to do that than to pay those who bring in the advertisers 100% commission.

The incentive to just make one sale can potentially eliminate the cost of advertising for every paid advertiser in my Mobile Traffic App. It’s a pretty simple concept. I’m looking to see it grow and grow over time and more people catch on. BTW, it’s also a good place for online marketers looking to integrate their marketing efforts. What’s not to like about 100% commission and new eyeballs on your ads?

Stay in the game,

Ced Reynolds, Entrepreneurial Pastor